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Strategies to become proficient in Microsoft Excel

More than a million people around the world use Microsoft Excel daily for office and productivity tasks. Microsoft Excel is one of the most important parts of MS Office. It can be used from data storage to analysis. User can organize all his data according to his choice.

Microsoft Excel is quite easy to use and most people feel comfortable using it in no time. But if you really want to master Microsoft Excel, you can spend years learning everything you do.

Or if you want, you can proceed with the goal of becoming proficient in Microsoft Excel with some basic tips of Microsoft Excel. In our today’s article we will discuss in detail about some tips and shortcuts in Microsoft Excel.

A key mastery Microsoft Excel

When you want to copy a specific formula between all cells, there are times when you need to relate a specific value to the rest of the values. To lock a cell, row or column in a formula, place a dollar sign before that letter or number. This dollar sign is easily given while typing by pressing the F4 button on the keyboard.

You can also redo your last action in Excel by using the F4 function key. Suppose you have highlighted a cell with a certain color and want to do the same for another cell. Simply press F4 to redo your work.

Do many fills by typing once

If you need to enter a specific data in multiple cells, you can do this in a very simple way regardless of where those cells are. First of all select the cells you want to select by holding CTRL and left clicking the mouse.

As a result, your selected cells will be highlighted. Enter the value you want to enter while it is highlighted. After that press CTRL + Enter to enter the data, the data will be entered in all the cells.

Complete fill up by double clicking

If you have a large set of data that you need to enter with the same formula, you don’t need to drag the formula and copy it to all the cells. Place your mouse cursor in the lower right corner of the cell.

This will change the shape and color of your mouse cursor. At this time, if you double click, your written formula will be copied to all other cells. The same task can be done faster through the keyboard. For this, one or more cells can be selected and filled up by pressing CTRL + D.

Using shortcuts

Like all other programs, Microsoft Excel has many keyboard shortcuts. As a result, you will not need to find and click different areas of the screen to do any task. But the biggest problem here is that Microsoft Excel has a lot of shortcuts that are a bit difficult to remember.

However, recent versions of Microsoft Excel provide which key to press to access which option. If you start using them regularly, they will play a huge role in increasing your work productivity.

Naming the table

Finding a value from a large table is easy using the search function. Having a different name for each section is important to keep the different parts of a table organized well. To do this highlight the part of the table you want to name.

Then go to the Formulas section on the ribbon or right-click the highlighted area. In this section you will find space to name the specified section of your table.

Once you have named all the parts you can use the name box to find out where they are. To the right of the formula field you will find this name box option. Or you can press ALT first, then W and finally K to get to the navigation section.

Here you will find all the section names in your spreadsheet. Clicking on that name will take you directly to that section of your table.

Strategies to become proficient in Microsoft Excel
Strategies to become proficient in Microsoft Excel

You can edit or rename any section name if you want. For that you can use name manager part. Press ALT, M and N in succession to go to the Name Manager section via the keyboard.

Quickly generate facts about your data

When you have many values ​​in a large table in your spreadsheet, you need to average, sum, or add certain parts of those values, not along rows or columns. If you want, you can complete this task with any simple formula.

But in the latest version of Microsoft Excel, if you select any specific part automatically, it can be calculated. Select the section you want to examine and notice the bar at the bottom of the Excel window.

There you will find the average, number and sum of the values. From here, if you click on the figure you need, that figure will be copied to the clipboard for later use.

By using Microsoft Excel, anyone can do any kind of data analysis from storage to visualization. You can tell us how you like this article about Microsoft Excel by commenting. All kinds of updates on daily new technology and other topics including Microsoft on our website.

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